Dec. 17, 2020

132: Optimising Health Instead of Fixing Sickness | Dr. Molly Maloof, MD

132: Optimising Health Instead of Fixing Sickness | Dr. Molly Maloof, MD

This week on The Neuro Experience podcast I speak with Dr. Molly Maloof on blood sugar, hormones, self biohacking with labs and imaging and the importance of stress-relieving recovery practices.

We also get into Glucose Monitoring, Mitochondrial Stress, & Mental Health. 

During the episode, Molly goes into discussing 'what is health' and what is 'sickness'? The old definition of health is that it is a static state. 

Molly is on a mission to radically extend healthspan, maximize human potential, and redefine health care using medicine, technology, education, & media. Her fascination with innovation permeates her concierge medical practice that is focused on providing personalized medicine to entrepreneurs, technology executives, investors, & celebrities in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

The new idea of health is the ability to adapt and manage it when faced with adversity! This statement was made abundantly clear throughout the organic conversation that Louisa and Molly have as they delve into the hormonal adaptations of women during their 30's and draws an insight into self diagnosis as a means for longevity - 'know thyself'. 

Homeostasis vs Allostasis, which is our ability to achieve stability through behavioral change and mental health through the ability of an individual to reach their potential, cope with stressors and contribute to their community.

The key to healthy aging by fundamentally building bioenergetic capacity by building mitochondria, essentially our power plants. 

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