April 7, 2021

136: Sleep, Neuralinflammation and Brain Optimisation

136: Sleep, Neuralinflammation and Brain Optimisation

Welcome back to another wonderful episode of the Neuro Experience podcast.

This episode is very special. It is an introduction to the beta version of our new membership site!!! The Neuro Athletics membership is for any person who is wanting to build a better performing brain. 

We will now have private q&a sessions with Louisa available as part of the membership. We'll also be providing all of our talks that we do on clubhouse which will be made exclusive to our members, along with other awesome features. 

If you are enjoying the podcast, and you are enjoying the episodes, please click through and consider the membership here. 

This episode gives you a preview into a talk that Louisa did on sleep science together with a board certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician Sohaib and the CEO and founder of 8sleep, Matteo. The three of them dig deep into the science of sleep, and how optimizing your sleep is incredibly important for longevity and brain health. 

The second part of this episode will feature Dr. Austin Perlmutter and Louisa, where they dig through the science of neuro inflammation and toxins as it relates to long term brain health.

We hope you enjoyed this episode and we hope to see you in the Neuro Athletics online community.