Sept. 14, 2019

99: Building an Empire After Being in a Coma for Four Days | Chris "Drama" Pfaff

99: Building an Empire After Being in a Coma for Four Days | Chris

Today’s episode is with Chris “Drama” Pfaff. In 2009 at age 22, with no background in business or fashion, he launched a t-shirt and streetwear line, Young & Reckless, which has grown into a nationwide brand, with distribution in more than 3,000 Macy’s, Dillard’s and PacSun stores, celebrity endorsements from Puff Daddy and Justin Bieber, 43 employees, and $31 million in revenue last year. ."I fell off my skateboard and fractured my skull. I had a brain hemorrhage and I was in a coma for four days. There were no long-term effects but I was like, I don’t think this is what I should do. Then I thought I’d move to LA, get a studio apartment and work in a skate shop. That was my dream come true” In this episode we discuss: 1. Drama’s upbringing 2. How he built his brand into what it is today3. His traumatic accident and that lead to him being in a coma for four days4. His opinion on entrepreneurship today5. Advice for anybody starting a brand and business in 2019 6. The pitfalls and challenges that come with successIf you haven’t left a review please go through and leave one with your Instagram handle! Also, come and say hi on my Instagram page! I reply to everyone. Thanks for listening! @thediamondboss_