Aug. 3, 2021

Discover Your Chronotype to Achieve Peak Performance

Discover Your Chronotype to Achieve Peak Performance

There is plenty of advice for how to improve your sleep. I know I have spoken extensively on the topic and I am sure you have all heard about the importance of getting a good nights sleep. But it all comes down to the same assumption that you're doing something wrong, when in fact, it may not be your fault at all.  No, I am not telling you to go and spend 3 hours at your favourite werq class either! 

The amount of sleep you need is individualised however the timing of when to go to bed is actually determined by your genes! 

So put down the melatonin gummies and stay tuned as we engage in some talkiatry about neurobiology of a chronotype, the importance of determining our chronotype so you can train and recover at the right time. We will go into the scientific literature that explains the effectiveness of chronotypes and knowing your tchrontype then we will of course finish off with determining how to figure out your chronotype. 

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