Sept. 21, 2022

How Resistance Training Impacts Brain Health and Function

How Resistance Training Impacts Brain Health and Function

During the ageing process, physical capabilities (e.g., muscular strength) and cognitive functions (e.g., memory) gradually decrease. Regarding cognitive functions, substantial functional (e.g., compensatory brain activity) and structural changes (e.g., shrinking of the hippocampus) in the brain cause this decline.

From a glance:

  • Dementia affects approximately 47 million individuals globally with projections of 130 million by the year 2050.
  • Late-onset Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for approximately 75% of all cases and is characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive function, memory, and cerebral volume.
  • The pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease is poorly understood; however, aging, genetics, and an individual's diet and lifestyle over several decades appear to be key determinants.

Excitingly, growing evidence points towards a relationship between cognition and measures of muscular strength and muscle mass.

First part of this episode goes into the brain ageing process and the second half is about the effects of resistance training on brain function.

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