July 27, 2021

How to Optimise Your Heart Rate Variability | Dan Plews PhD

How to Optimise Your Heart Rate Variability | Dan Plews PhD

Its been hailed as the one key biometric anyone can measure easily that gives the best all-round indicator of health and stress on the body. As more devices are able to collect high-quality Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data during the night, a few questions come up:

What data should we use as HRV score? 

What is a good HRV?

Why is my HRV plummeting after a glass of wine?

How can I increase my HRV?

I have been wanting to dive deep into the HRV literature for quite some time. My community is very big on wearables such as wearing the WHOOP and our ring so they know what HRV is and they have, of course been asking me for advice on understanding HRV. I went out in search of the best person to talk to about this and came across Dan Plews an Applied Sports Scientist, Researcher and coach.

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