Aug. 29, 2022

How to Use Temperature to Improve Athletic Performance with Dr Craig Heller, PhD

How to Use Temperature to Improve Athletic Performance with Dr Craig Heller, PhD

Current evidence indicates cold water immersion may be the most effective method of pre-cooling to improve endurance performance in hot conditions, although practicality must be considered. Ice slurry ingestion appears to be the most promising practical alternative.

Dr. Craig Heller, Professor of Biology at Stanford University and world expert on the science of temperature regulation.In this episode Dr. Heller explains how heat impairs muscular and mental performance, and how to cool the brain and body to reduce inflammation and to enhance performance. Dr. Heller teaches us the best ways to Coll our body down during performance, and how to use the precise timing and location of cooling on our body to greatly enhance endurance and weight training performance. He describes how cooling technology discovered and engineered in his laboratory has led to a tripling of anaerobic performance and allowed endurance athletes to run further and faster, as well as to eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness.

If you’re interested in understanding the science behind cold water immersion, ice baths and how training in the cold weather than this is the episode for you.

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