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Phenomenal, informative, and entertaining

Louisa is as informative as she is entertaining. It’s the perfect stop for anyone looking to learn more about the brain, sleep, health all in one place.


I love the podcasts I heard you on we study billionaires and have not been able to stop listening to your podcast. I hope you see this message. My question is does smoking marijuana affect your sleep? (I recently quit smoking marijuana and I have noticed huge increase in dreaming throughout the night)

Incredibly thorough

louisa is so thoughtful in her explanation. highly recommend!


Louisa is a wealth of information, and shares it all in such easy digestible way. Thank you!!

Trailblazing a new world of science!

Louisa Nicola has a wealth of knowledge. This podcast elevates yours as well and will yea h you how to live and love your best life, optimally. Understanding how our nervous system works and why sleep is important is such a game changer. Thank you Louisa for all these wonderful episodes!

Love it!!!!!

Love this podcast for all its high-level content, backed by legit science and incredible guests !

Great guests and discussion.

Great guests and discussion. She’s not afraid to cover controversial topics that can be thought provoking.

This chick is so informative.

This chick is so informative. If you are trying to educate yourself learn from the master mind! She is easily understood and share a wealth of valuable information!

Thank you for all of your hard work!!!

Thank you for all of your hard work. Im a medstudent and you have made me consolidate my passion for sleep, neurology, metabolism and longevity!

Absolutely love this podcast!!!!

Absolutely love this podcast and all the guests you have had on this show! Really appreciate what you do!!


This podcast I heard about from Instagram. I was hooked from the first episode. Scientific research papers and information is broken down for the non-geeky human to understand and apply to their life.

Very informative

Listened to my first episode today and I will be back for more! Very informative

I’m so impressed!!

You will find truth, science and passion on all health topics in this podcast. I’m so impressed!!


I would love for you to interview Dr Rhonda Patrick!


This podcast is a wealth of ever-evolving information for health and longevity!

Thank you for all of the great info!!

I am a nurse and I love learning. I learn something new every time I listen to Louisa's podcast. Thank you for all of the great info!!


Packed with info and it’s wild how much Louisa taps into, but it’s been cool hearing unique perspectives.


This podcast will help you unlock your potential. A myriad of guests that offer many different perspectives.

Very informative podcast

Very informative podcast that goes across all topics and can connect no matter your knowledge.

Love The podcast♥♥

Love the podcast but have yet to hear your take on nutrition and especially a plant based diet! Please diversify your topics.


Great variety of guests and topics.

Great stuff!

Louisa, the Q and A’s are must listen. Great stuff!


I love the Q&A's tat you do!

Awesome !!!

The solo episodes are the best!

I’m a massive podcasts fan!!!!

I’m a massive podcasts fan, Louisa's podcast info and range of guest is exquisite!

Really Louisa!!!

Louisa, I seriously cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into your podcasts!

Louisa's podcast is my favorite podcast

Louisa's podcast is my favorite podcast and I’ve never missed an episode. It would be interesting how much different my life would be if I had not started listening years ago.


Given the time constraints imposed by daily life, I tend to be very selective in what I spend my discretionary time listening to & Ben’s podcast is one of the handful ones that I truly feel worthy of my time

Great topics

Great topics and knowledge! Best health show there is! Thanks for doing what you do!