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Becoming a massive fan!

Found Louisa on Instagram and am fast becoming a massive fan of her content. Loving the podcast especially the interviews with NYC’s fitness influencers !

Brain pioneer

Louisa you have such an amazing way of delivering insightful information. Just getting in here early as I know this podcast will be one of the biggest! Love your work and how personable you make the interviews!

Mental Performance Queen!

Louisa is becoming the number one authority for brain health and fitness. She is harnessing the power of mindset, health, well being and neuroscience in a way that only she can. Everybody must listen to her podcast!

Making me a better person!

Just stopping by to drop some love Louisa, this podcast is fire and everyone on the road to self improvement should listen up!!! You have so many knowledge bombs drop and can’t wait for the day you finally work alongside Jennifer Lopez!

Energetic !!!

Every time I listen to Louisa’s podcast I feel ALIVE and energetic ! She brings a whole new perspective to mindfulness and becoming the best you can be! Highly recommend !!!

Authentic content

Feels like I’m in the room with Louisa and her guests! All about professional sport and the mental aspect of athletes

Advice from a world champ!

Louisa’s take on mental performance is simple. I love taking advice from someone who’s been there done that and watching Louisa grow this epic podcast has been wonderful! Recommend for athletes and anyone in corporate!

Mental Fire

Louisa’s episodes help me every single morning get my mind right! I’m a runner and if y’all want to get into the mindset game for running a marathon I suggest you listen to the brain hacks episodes and interviews with Peloton instructor Jess Sims! FIRE Thanks Diamondboss

Nuggets of knowledge

Louisa’s knowledge on brain fitness is remarkable! She is carving a new industry and these episodes are so knowledgeable ! Highly recommend !!!!

Louisa is REAL DEAL

Louisa captures what it means to be mentally fit and to have the desire to be better by training your mind and brain. Louisa is the epitome of what it takes to endure and overcome obstacles and how to be the best version of yourself. Highly recommend for ANY HUMAN out there.

Best mindset podcast out there!

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to excel in life, business and Sport! Louisa is innovative, knowledgeable and funny!

Best mental inspiration!

Louisa your podcast changed the way I think especially when it comes to my fitness and career goals! Anyone who wants a great listen on the way to work check out the brain hacks episodes!

Runners Bible

Awesome podcast for anyone who is an endurance athlete. I’m a runner and this has literally saved me! Love your work Louisa! Come to LA one day and do a workshop!

Andrew Durante

Great audio! Top notch content built for anybody aspiring to be better. Never thought of “mental fitness” until I listened to this! Highly recommend

Delanie Clemmons

I wish you did more episodes! I’m 15 years old and I live in Brooklyn, this podcast has helped me in so many ways and made me feel like I’m not alone. I hope to do fitness when I leave school one day! Please do more episodes! ❤️🥰

Nahir Plakis

Honestly love that you are The only one in NYC who interviews the NY fitness industry! GOLD. Louisa delivers fresh and unique content based on hardcore facts and science 🧠

Jason Droom

Louisa not only makes it content rich but she is absolutely hilarious! Best ones are the brain hack episodes !

Queen of brain fitness

Best podcast for mindset and neuroscience! Louisa brings a funny and fresh vibe to an entirely new concept! A must listen for everyone!!

Exposing reality.

Very interesting take on a truth that is social media and the reality of the negative effects it can have when an individual is aware of the detrimental effects the images and imprints can have both consciously and subconsciously. Think we are approaching an era and shift with the demand for truth and transparency. Let’s provide a voice for a conscious truth and factual reality. 💯🏄🏽‍♂️🙏🏽

Rosa Collado

Great information in this podcast. Genuine person proving valuable information about our brain

So much Respect For This Woman

Louisa is an incredible individual not only for the business that she has built, the people that she helps, but her own personal story! She provides a tremendous amount of value in this podcast. Keep a lookout for her to rise quickly in the field of human optimization!!

So Insightful and motivational!!

I love how this podcast has a combination of quick episodes packed with easy-to-understand information and longer interviews that dive into Louisa’s story. It’s so interesting to learn from Louisa and test the different exercises that she recommends throughout the podcast. Love this and can’t wait for more episodes!!

Really motivating!

Louisa has a special way of connecting with her guests and really finding out what makes them tick. Highly recommended if you want to unlock the power of your mind!


Louisa truly inspires me at the beginning of every week, her energy is electric and the information she shares here is next level. This podcast has really changed my life ❤️


Louisa is the BEST! This podcast is loaded with helpful insights that not only get me inspired and motivated, but give me tactical strategies to implement!

Amazing coach.

I look forward to every podcast Louisa posts. Always keeps me motivated and working hard 🙏🏽

Louisa is a Science Boss

I love this podcast. I enjoy listening to Louisa's scientific but personal take on issues and various elements of productive living. Thanks. Keep it up 🙏 🙏 🙏