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Packed with info and it’s wild how much Louisa taps into, but it’s been cool hearing unique perspectives.


This podcast will help you unlock your potential. A myriad of guests that offer many different perspectives.

Very informative podcast

Very informative podcast that goes across all topics and can connect no matter your knowledge.

Love The podcast♥♥

Love the podcast but have yet to hear your take on nutrition and especially a plant based diet! Please diversify your topics.


Great variety of guests and topics.

Great stuff!

Louisa, the Q and A’s are must listen. Great stuff!


I love the Q&A's tat you do!

Awesome !!!

The solo episodes are the best!

I’m a massive podcasts fan!!!!

I’m a massive podcasts fan, Louisa's podcast info and range of guest is exquisite!

Really Louisa!!!

Louisa, I seriously cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you put into your podcasts!

Louisa's podcast is my favorite podcast

Louisa's podcast is my favorite podcast and I’ve never missed an episode. It would be interesting how much different my life would be if I had not started listening years ago.


Given the time constraints imposed by daily life, I tend to be very selective in what I spend my discretionary time listening to & Ben’s podcast is one of the handful ones that I truly feel worthy of my time

Great topics

Great topics and knowledge! Best health show there is! Thanks for doing what you do!

Really good person

I love that Louisa owns up to mistakes. She cited an article and came back a few months ago and said it was flawed and apologised. She reminds us that she is human and also learnign from the scientific literature.

This is a great podcast

This is a great podcast. I have been listening for a couple of months now and I feel like I am an understudy.

Really Love This Show♥♥♥♥

This show has been so incredibly important to me during the last year and a half.

A unbiased truth!

Your podcast keeps my family and myself informed on the truth, a unbiased truth! We need that in our society today! So many lies! Thank you for all you do, I know the research is so time consuming.


I listen to a number of health expert podcasts and I have been waiting and waiting for exactly this type of spot on analysis of what is really happening concerning this Covid pandemic and the vaccines that have been foisted and forced on us.

I love this podcast!!!

I love this podcast! True factual health information based on real data delivered with heart.


I have been a listener for quite some time but this is my first review. This show brings such balance in a world that seems to easily be fooled by the masses. Thanks for keeping us informed of important details to keep us on track for great health, more peace, and less panic!

I appreciate the lack of opining

I appreciate the lack of opining. Instead, Louisa shares actual science backed lifestyle interventions to improve health. The things I’ve learned have helped me and my family.

Thank you

Thank you for being a voice for those who feel they have no voice in this world. Thank you for providing a trusted source for truthful guidance and information. Please keep fighting!!

Thank you for all !!!

Thank you for all of the actionable information you bring us. It’s never too late to improve your life.

Food is medicine!

Food is medicine! I learned so much! And definitely take aways to talk about with my doctor!

Thanks for helping

Thanks for helping change the world one podcast at a time. Each episode gives us incredible information that spurs hope for our personal health journey as well as providing a roadmap for a better, healthier world. Keep up the great work!

Quality material and expert guests.

Meaningful and educational conversations that trigger critical thinking to promote healthy lifestyle. Quality material and expert guests.

I couldn’t have found a better fit!

This is the best podcast I’ve found for a deep dive into the science behind health and wellness and I am hooked!! As a professional in this realm and a science nerd at heart, I couldn’t have found a better fit!


Jam packed with actionable information in an easy to digest format.


I listen to a lot of podcasts about health and fitness, and this one provides directly actionable information that a person can apply to their every day life, presented in an organized, straightforward but scientific manner.

This is the best of its kind

This is the best of its kind. Louisa covers a lot of useful ground around wellness with thoroughness, openness and self-effacing good humor.