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I absolutely love this podcast!

I absolutely love this podcast! I had been searching over the years for a reputable and easily digestible source of health, fitness, and wellness information and finally came across “The Neuro Experience” by chance on YouTube. I’ve been hooked ever since and highly recommend the show to everyone

Love the show

Love the show, keep up the great work!

Thanks so much

I really enjoy listening to your podcast and continue expanding my knowledge of the investing landscape. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

Really fascinating.

Tough to say one year was better than any other but this year seemed to have a more variety of topics and several “first time guests” which were really fascinating.

I really enjoy this show.

I really enjoy the show and guests. My favorite part is when you provide your perspective of the sleep and performance


Sleep is medicine! Loved this one liner Louisa

I appreciate that.

I have been listening to Louisa's podcast for over two years. I have found each and every show at least enlightening and a learning experience. The balanced and straightforward structure and delivery is earnest and I appreciate that.


I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to review this. Also thanks again for your Monday Zoom Calls and Podcasts; these are very helpful. Hoping to get your propriety brisket recipe as that looks amazing!

I love this show!

I love this show! It’s full of insight and independent thinking. It’s a real bonus to have if you’re serious about performance


Thanks for the information Louisa!


If you did a podcast with Andrew Huberman I would die!

I am thankfu

My brain is lit up! Watching Louisa's journey has been amazing. She has grown so much and I am thankful for these episodes.

I love the way Louisa talks

I love the way Louisa talks about studies and breaks down the science!


Thanks for the sleep stage episode! Needed!


Most interesting podcast on neuroscience and athleticisim

This is incredible

Neuro Athletics should be a college! this is incredible

This is better then college

Discivered Louisa at her Neuro Athletics certification and cannot stop! this is better then college

Thanks Louisa

Learning so much about supplements and misinformation! Thanks Louisa

Actionable and scientific protocols

Actionable and scientific protocols. This podcast is the right angle and size for me!

High recommend!

Excellent overview of sleep and the difference in sleep stages! High recommend!

I binge on these episodes!

This is my long form podcast for driving 2 hours to work. I binge on these episodes!

i say JUST DO IT

Discovered Louisa on a recent podcast but wasn't sure if I should give it a chance. If you are like me then i say JUST DO IT!


I have had sleep problems for years and I am amazed to know this show covers sleep in depth.

Easy to understand.

i listen to the podcast while running!Easy to understand.

Thankful 🙏🏽

Been listening to Louisa for the last year as I’ve learned how important sleep has always been and how to prioritize it. Her podcast with Dr. Prasad (about COVID-19) is pure gold.

This podcast is increadly interesting

Louisa is so generous with her skills and education. This podcast is increadly interesting.

Thank you

Thank you for creating this Louisa, Lebron James needs you haha

Would love an episode dedicated to narcolepsy

Would love an episode dedicated to narcolepsy! Why it exists and how to get rid of it.

Love this podcast

Would love an episode where Louisa speaks with and interviews an elite athlete on their current training regimes

I learn here!

I am an athlete and my coch never taught me what I learn on here!