July 12, 2022

Stress Proof Your Brain - Dr Mithu Storoni MD, PhD

Stress Proof Your Brain - Dr Mithu Storoni MD, PhD

The brain is a fascinating and complex organ. It’s the primary control center for our whole body, and it can be affected by stress in many different ways. Stress itself is an important part of life – it helps us prepare for danger or respond to emergencies. But when we’re constantly stressed out, that’s when our brain starts to pay the price. This blog post will explore how stress affects your brain, both positively and negatively, so you can develop strategies to reduce your brain’s vulnerability to its harmful effects.

In this episode I speak with Dr Mithu Storoni, an eye surgeon & neuroscience researcher-turned writer. She is the author of "Stress Proof". 

This episode taught me so much about the neurobiology of stress and how to combat stress in your life. 

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