April 17, 2022

SUNDAY BRUNCH: Glycine as a Sleep Hack

SUNDAY BRUNCH: Glycine as a Sleep Hack

overworked and almost burned out after doing crazy hours at training and at work that my sleep quality was so poor it was basically non-existant. Working hours reached, at their worst, nearly 100 per week – average was easily over 60. So where did I cut the time for working out and socialization?

You got it right, sleep.

Since 2016 I had been trying out different supplements, technologies, mattresses, pillows, beds, bedrooms, and all kinds of herbs for achieving better sleep. But nothing can make it better if you have only limited time to spend in the bed. So that particular feature was the first step in optimizing sleep: simply spending more time in bed and changing my life in such a way that it made sleeping more possible.

This episode delves deep into the secrets of better deep sleep with a the latest findings in Glycine and its effects on deep sleep.

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