Dec. 12, 2022

The Hungry Brain: The Science of Obesity with Stephan Guyenet, PhD

The Hungry Brain: The Science of Obesity with Stephan Guyenet, PhD

No one wants to overeat. And certainly no one wants to overeat for years, become overweight, and end up with a high risk of diabetes or heart disease– yet two thirds of Americans do precisely that. 

Stephan is a neuroscientist who, in this episode, will go into the topic of obesity. Stephan provides insights into obesity that are not normally spoken about. He talks in depth about the role of genetics, the brain, and hormones such as leptin that play in the regulation of fat mass. 

He dives deep into the factors that affect body weight, controlling appetite and controlling food intake and provides takeaways for people wanting to take advantage of what we know about the brain’s role in regulating our body weight.

This episode is for anybody wanting to understand the neuroscience of obesity. Why obesity is prevelant in our society and what role the brain plays in obesity. 

  • What impacts cravings and appetite
  • What is fat
  • How obesity has changed over the last 50 years 
  • Public health and obesity 
  • The brain's role in obesity 
  • Obesity as a genetic disorder?  




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