Jan. 13, 2022

The Power of Sprouts to Detoxify The Body with Doug Evans

The Power of Sprouts to Detoxify The Body with Doug Evans

Doug Evans is joining us today to speak about the powerful effects of sprouting.  This conversation opened my eyes to the possibilities of sprouts. This compound is present in all cruciferous vegetables. In animal studies, when glucoraphanin is chewed or swallowed, it produces a cancer-protective compound SULFORAPHANE. This sulforaphane absorbs toxins from the body and flushes them out through urine.

The best way to get sulforaphane is to sprout your broccoli organic seeds in your own home. At between five and six days old, the sulforaphane in broccoli sprout contains up to 100 times more than in mature plant. The sprouts can also be used in smoothies, sandwiches, wraps or salad apart from juicing.

Broccoli sprouts are now readily available in major retail stores, but make sure you buy organic, non-GMO, or better still buy the seeds and sprout at home.

Doug is a pioneer in this space and in this episode we speak about sprouting peas, chick peas, beans and broccoli.

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