Nov. 14, 2022

Understanding the Biology of Ageing with Matt Kaeberlein, PhD

Understanding the Biology of Ageing with Matt Kaeberlein, PhD

Matt is someone who is deeply interested in understanding the biology of aging. Why do we age? What happens to us as we age? What are the things we can do to slow the aging process? How can we delay or prevent the onset of age-related diseases?

In this episode we discuss:
1. What ageing is, what is healthspan
2.  Extending lifespan with calorie restriction
3. Rapamycin as a longevity agent for longevity
4. Psychological side effects of certain diets on longevity
5.  The MTOR pathway and cancer
6. Financial incentives for Rapamycin
7.  NAD precursors: help or hype?
8. Exercise and mitochondrial dysfunction
9.  Alzheimers disease fraud
10. Rapamycin and Alzheimer's Disease
11. Resveratrol- the TRUTH
12. Matt's top tips for longevity
....... much much more

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