April 26, 2022

What is True Sleep Optimisation? Dr Tommy Wood

What is True Sleep Optimisation? Dr Tommy Wood

Imagine if you could wake up everyday feeling completely rejuvenated, like you’ve squeezed every last beneficial drop out of your sleep. How do you think that would affect your life? Would you be happier? Would you get more done? Would you have better relationships with family and friends? Could you even live longer?

Sleep is part of what makes us human. We all know we need it, and appreciate it on a daily basis. Yet it is largely taken for granted as a fact of life, and we mostly fail to utilize it to its full potential.

Dr. Tommy Wood is back in the studio today discussing all things sleep- the good and the bad. In this episode you will learn: 

  1. Quality and problems with sleep trackers 
  2. What is true optimisation of sleep?
  3. Insomnia treatment options 
  4. How formula 1 drivers optimise sleep while traveling 
  5. Tracking HRV with a chest strap 
  6. Temperature and thermal regulation 


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